US Citizenship & Immigration Services

 I was tasked with a major User Experience overhaul of the internal system used to process applications for immigration to the United States.

The Beginning

An initial look at the site showed that it had a lot of issues both from a UX and a Visual design standpoint.


Getting to Know the Problems

I quickly learned that there was no style guide. To better understand the existing state, I worked with fellow designers to create an invenvtory of existin UI elements such as buttons, alerts, typography, and more.

250+ Colors

Because there was no style guide, developers would “eyeball” styles, leading to over 250 variations of similar colors.

Lack of Basic UX Patterns

“Common sense” patterns like red=error and green=success were not followed.

Duplication of Efforts

A lack of documentation meant developers wasted time recreating UI elements that had already been coded.

Creating a Design System

To do a redesign, we needed to make sure we didn’t repeat the problems of the past. To build consistency across 10 designers and over 20 development teams, and prevent recreating problems of the past, I created a design system. This system comes in two parts: a Sketch Library, and a coded repository.